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  1. Raphael Brown says:

    Rebecca, I truly love you in your videos, and it would be a dream come true to experience time with you. I dont know how or if you even do meet fans, but I would almost do anything to be with you just one time. I am very attractive, older, but fit, my hair is still not gray, If it is possible to meet, I would like to know how. Thanks

  2. pahan says:

    baby your anal hole is the best women hole in the world i love it

  3. jjjan says:

    I am johan & I love you.

    I love black stocking can you send me some pics or movies with black stocking with yourself.tnx

  4. vickey says:

    i want to fuck u

  5. James says:

    You are the most human being I have ever encountered on the net. In all you have endured, you are like a mirror and have turned around everything back to its source. Amazing. I wish you may achieve your heart’s desire, and I pray that your heart’s desire is good for you.
    P. S. A curiosity is that you look so much like my Colombiana wife who died 18 months ago, and your personalities appear to be so similar.

  6. Jeffrey Turnmire says:

    I’m not a fan of porn but I’m not against it either. Just wanted say I think you are the most beautiful woman on the planetā¤

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